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  • Custom Publishing
    In today's "attention economy" your message competes with countless others. People tune out hype and respond to messages that are fun, useful, relevant. To succeed, you've got to inform, educate and entertain.

    Custom publications help you break through the clutter and overcome sales resistance with content your audience wants.

    Your publisher at The Business Solution Group creates custom publications that help you forge and maintain strong relationships with your most important audiences.

    We handle all of the details, providing the knowledge, skill and manpower needed to produce "turnkey" publications like these:

• Newsletters in print and e-mail
• Magazines/newspapers/directories
•"How-To" manuals/idea books
• Service & membership directories
• White papers

Often, these projects can be self-liquidating, or even profit-making.

Is a custom publication right for us?

Revenue-Making Publications Can Make the Impossible Possible
Want to do a specialty publication but don't have the budget? Adding advertising may be the solution. Advertising can help offset the cost--or even make you substantial money, as it does for several of our current clients. We provide the sales staff and handle all of the details.
How much can you earn from your publication?

Outsourcing Your Publications Can Be a Smart Move
If you're already doing your own publications, outsourcing.

  • Frees staff time and resources
  • Gives you the benefit of our purchasing power
  • Offers the many benefits of professionalism--including
    • timely completion
    • quality editorial
    • attractive publication
    • economical production
  • Avoids negative intangibles, such as
    • the opportunity cost of using staff who could be more profitably employed in other ways
    • the embarassment and inefficiency of amateurish mistakes
    • the negative effects of assigining tasks people may find burdensome or that may put them in an inappropriate role.
      Should we outsource?

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  • Consulting
    Have a publishing idea and need help evaluating it? A publication that needs fixing? With over 30 years' experience in the field, your publisher at The Business Solution Group can help you realize your publishing dreams--or escape the nightmare.
  • Feasibility Studies & Market Research
    • Pre- or Post-Launch Business Plans
    • Publication Creation & Launch
    • Publication "Doctoring"--Evaluations & Cures

    Contact us for a confidential discussion of your publishing program

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  • Creative Services

    Á la carte, everything you need to create, produce and distribute successful publications. We work seamlessly with your in-house staff to supplement your own capabilities.

    You might also want to explore the possible cost-benefits of outsourcing. We offer:

    Editorial and copy services
    Writing, research, editing, copy editing and proofreading. Specialists in a variety of fields and media to meet your needs.
    Sales letters & direct mail campaigns
    For ad sales and circulation development
    Identity programs
    Visual identity, identity management and public relations
    Advertising creative & design
    Advertising for your publication; ad creation services for advertisers
    Publication design
    Our stable of experienced and creative designers can deliver the "look" your project needs.

    Learn how our creative services can help you maximize your productivity

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  • Publication Management Services
    The unglamorous "back end" is where the margin of success or failure often lies. Many organizations lack the resources to handle these all-important tasks with the expertise they require.

    Relax. Your publisher at The Business Solution Group can handle them for you:

    Advertising sales
    any projects can be underwritten-or even create a profit-through advertising sales. We handle the entire process:

    • Identify prospects
    • Develop sales/marketing strategy, materials
    • Conduct & manage ad sales campaigns
    • Sales accounting
    • Ad traffic management
    • Invoicing and collections

    Distribution/Circulation management
    Unless it reaches the right audience, your publication is a failure. Our distribution/circulation service ensures that you reach the intended audience. We:

    • Determine appropriate distribution channels
    • Establish & supervise distribution systems
    • Provide distribution/circulation audits
    • Create and implement distribution/circulation promotions


    Financial and business management
    Making the right decisions and keeping track of the money are crucial to achieving your publication's goals.

    With an understanding of publishing economics and management (which may be different from your field) we have successfully managed projects for clients, increasing income and profit.

    Marketing and promotion
    Creating the right "buzz" helps your publication reach its goals. We provide the know-how.

    Production management
    A great business plan, a beautiful design, peerless content can founder on the rocks of poor execution.

    Effective publication design doesn't stop with attractive page layout. Improperly prepared artwork can derail your production schedule and make unhappy a lot of the people to whom you need answer. Over three decades of print and other media production experience ensures an end result that matches your expectations. We:

    • Develop specifications
    • Evaluate and choose printers & other suppliers
    • Prepare artwork and printers' packages that ensure flawless production
    • Supervise production
    • Approve proofs and shepherd final delivery
    • Design, layout and printers' packages


  • World Wide Web/Internet Services
    Are common web site mistakes driving away customers you don't even know you're losing? Research continues to show that the vast majority of sites fall short in a variety of often commonsense measures.

Your site needs to meet your needs, your visitors' needs, and it needs to be visible. With some of the best minds in the business, Your publisher at The Business Solution Group offers services designed to help you achieve your goals via the web and other Internet media, such as e-mail.

    • Professional Web Presence
      • A company related email address enhances your credibility. Less than $1 a month.
      • Continue building your credibility with a matching web site address. From $8.99/year
      • Deliver on the promise. Put your site on line with our hosting services. Plans start at $3/99 a month. Some include free tools for web development, ecommerce and search engine positioning, email and free domain names.

      Get Started Now

    • Advanced E-mail and on-line collaboration tools. We've teamed with one of the world's largest web service companies to tools to take you to the next level. Find out more.

    • Custom Design--If you're not satisfied with the standardized approach, our custom design services are for you.

    • Writing for the web--The web is different. People read it differently. Many claim to "write for the web," but how many can tell you what's different, and how to change for various audiences?
    • Usability consulting and testing
      Your web site fails if users can't use it. Visitor frustration is more common than you may think. Our experts know the latest research and how to apply it to your site.
    • Search Engine Positioning/Optimization
      If your site doesn't show up in the first 30-50 results of a search engine query on your keywords, it might as well not exist. Our experts are up-to-the-minute on this rapidly evolving specialty and can raise your visibility.

    Take the next step in enhancing your on-line presence

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  • Seminar & Conference Management
    Sometimes, reaching your goals requires delivering your message in person. From chartering one of the world's most famous cruise ships for a week-long gathering of thousands to a 3-hour management conference for five, The Business Solution Group's experts have produced events of all types and sizes:
    • Club, association & management meetings
    • Conventions
    • Commercial Seminars
    • Seminars & workshops for marketing
    • Trade Shows
    They can help you decide if an event will help you accomplish your aims and produce an effective experience that accomplishes what you desire.


  • Business Identity, Process
    & Marketing Materials

    As your organization evolves, so should its identity. The key to establishing, and benefiting from, a strong personality is consistency. Managing the elements that affect how important audiences think about you involves a myriad of projects that need to work together to achieve your desired results. Your publisher at The Business Solution Group offers a wide array of such items and coordinates their production to make your task easier:

o Brochures in print & on CD or Video
o Sell Sheets, catalogues and how-to manuals
o Postcards
o Checks
o Pocket Folders
o Letterhead & Envelopes
o Business Cards in print or on CD
o Rolodex® Cards
o Plastic Cards
o Carbonless Forms
o Other Specialty Items

Let us help you craft a custom identity program

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  • Direct Mail
    Despite the technological advances of recent years, direct mail remains arguably one of the the most personal and effective sales media available to organizations who wish to persuade their important audiences. But, undertaking direct mail without an understanding of the medium can lead to an expensive and disappointing failure. With decades of experience, our experts can help you avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the advantages of this time-tested sales-building tool.

    Let us help you design direct mail that works for your organization.

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